Chlorinated Water

Chlorine is added to most municipal water systems in the US. When you run your tap water, does it smell like a swimming pool?

That’s chlorine. It’s a necessary additive to kill bacteria and microbes in your water.

But it’s a highly toxic chemical at concentrated levels. So while there is a benefit to chlorine, it can also have adverse effects on people.

woman applying hand lotion dry skin one of the effects of chlorine and hard water

Too Much Chlorine in Your Water?

If you have too much chlorine in your water, you’ll notice an unpleasant taste and smell. You may also experience irritated skin and eyes. Or you may have dry hair and skin. 

The US Center for Disease Control says that water that has 4 parts per million is safe for human consumption. But your water may have more chlorine than recommended.

Remove Excess Chlorine from Water

When you have too much chlorine in your water, you’re drinking chlorine, bathing in it and possibly absorbing this chemical into your skin. 

Want to remove excess chlorine from your water? A whole home water filtration system will do that. 

Your water will have appropriate levels of chlorine. Plus your water will be alkaline hydrogenated water, which comes with many health benefits.

woman washing her face in water with chlorine