Commercial Sanitizing Services

COVID-19 sanitation and cleaning has put a strain on local Houston businesses. Our solutions use hospital-grade, non-chemical solutions for cleaning and disinfection.

We know it has been especially hard for small businesses since the advent of COVID-19. Coronavirus disinfection and sanitation services are a necessary part of staying open. We can help you with the most cost effective, safe and rigorous reopening coronavirus disinfectant plan, and provide on-going sanitation.

PureHome USA’s commercial services address three areas to improve the quality of your environment:

  • Surfaces: Disinfectant of the surfaces in your business, through UV-C light
  • Air: Disinfectant of the air in your business, through UV-C light in your HVAC system
  • Water: Water filtration systems eliminate contaminants in your water.
UVC light sanitation cart
Industrial UV-C Lighting for purification and sanitation is a major investment. That's why purchasing it as a service, when needed, makes economic sense. Shown above is an industrial, portable UV-C sanitation cart.

UV Disinfection Lighting

UV lighting has been used as a safe and effect germicide and disinfectant for centuries in hospitals, ambulances and labs. Now Pure Home is offering the same level of protection to your business.

These are not your typical UV lights! UV-C lighting is commercial grade specialty lighting.

UV-C Lighting is more effective than bleach or harsh chemicals, killing 99.9% of harmful microbes consistently. UV-C light works because it is strong enough to destroy the genetic material of viruses and bacteria. 

Our UV Light sanitation services are available for one-time sterilization and cleaning for a re-opening

Or, for businesses that need daily or multiple times a day cleaning we offer permanent, installed solutions that can be used frequently and easily.  These solutions are an effective way to sanitize restaurants, hotels, bars, schools and other high traffic public areas. 

UV-C Lights for Air Purification (HVAC) 

A UV-C light, installed in your HVAC system, will constantly clean the air as it passes by the system. This kills 99.9% mold, bacteria and microbes.

UV-C light has been used for decades in hospitals to sterilize air throughout the facilities. Now it’s available for commercial use in restaurants, schools, office buildings and other commercial locations. 

UV-C light is germicidal. That means it is able to break down the DNA in bacteria, viruses and other airborne contaminants.

Using UV germicidal lights in connection with your commercial HVAC system is a way to disinfect the air inside your business without using chemicals.

Our team has 40+ years in the HVAC industry to meet your needs. 

uvc light in hvac for restaurants
Bars, restaurants, schools, office buildings. Wherever people congregate, clean air is a necessity for your business.
baking bread requires clean filtered water
Quality ingredients, like pure filtered water, make for quality finished products.

Commercial Water Filtration Systems

If you have a commercial operation that relies on water, such as a restaurant, bar or bakery, you know the importance of quality water in your finished product.

Or perhaps you have an office building and are tired of buying bottled water? 

A commercial water filtration system provides your company with unlimited access to clean, filtered, alkaline water.

Schedule your free water test for your facility. We’ll test for 50+ known contaminants and review your water filtration options. 

Ready to Upgrade Your Commercial Sanitation?

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