Sanitize Your Air With UV-C Light

The air in your environment has a big impact on your commercial operation. Adding an “always on” UV-C light to your central HVAC will kill contaminants including mold and viruses. UV-C Light destroys viruses at the molecular level. It changes the DNA of viruses so it can’t replicate. A professionally installed UV-C light in your central HVAC system can improve the quality of the air in your commercial establishment. 

How do UV Lights Improve HVAC Air Quality?

UV light systems are tested and validated against surface bacteria, viruses, mold and funcug. They have been tested to achieve up to 99.999996% reduction in microorganisms.

Although the effectiveness of UV lights for killing the virus that causes COVID-19 is still not known, installing UV-C lights in your HVAC will have a dramatic impact on your indoor air quality. 

UV-C light for air conditioners are typically installed in the HVAC unit or ductwork. They reduce fungal contamination inside of air handler units, reduce airborne pathogens and make central HVAC systems run more efficiently. The lights are specifically designed to disinfect the air as it circulates through the ventilation system. 

UV light has been used as a disinfectant in hospitals and medical facilities for years. HVAC systems have commonly been retrofitted with UV light for allergy control and to eliminate mold and viruses. 

Benefits of HVAC UV Light

Benefits of adding a UV Light to your HVAC system include:

  • Increased airflow
  • Improved efficiency
  • Decreased energy costs
  • Kills Mold and Bacteria
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality
  • Reduce Allergens
  • Reduce Clogging in The Condensate Drain Line


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