Commercial Water Filtration Systems

If you use water as part of your business, you know the importance of clean, filtered water. 

With a commercial water filtration system, you’ll have pure filtered alkaline water on tap. Whether you use water in an end product, like baking or in a restaurant, or want filtered water for your customers and employees, a whole business water filtration system is the best approach. Industrial water filtration systems are an affordable and economic way to have quality water in your facility.

What is a commercial water filtration system?

Do you know what’s in your water? If you are using tap water in your business, you may be using water with contaminants like arsenic, fluoride, nitrates and iron.  A commercial water filtration system will remove these from your water. You’ll save money by not having to purchase filtered water for your manufacturing processes, and you’ll have clean water on tap throughout your facility. 

As a Houston distributor and installer for Puronics, we can provide you with a variety of commercial water filtration systems depending on your business needs. 

A commercial water filtration system is installed on the water line entering your facility. All water is filtered for chemicals and minerals, reducing the mineral content and providing alkaline filtered water for your business. 


Benefits of Water Filtration for Your Business

Benefits of commercial water filtration for your business include:

  • Alkaline, PH-balanced water throughout your facility
  • Soft water, reducing the amount of soap needed for washing
  • Reduces the costs of water heating, due to lower mineral content
  • Better tasting water on tap
  • Higher quality water to use for drinking
  • Improved end product for bakeries and restaurants
pure clean alkaline water from your tap at home